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Commercial Transactions

Commercial Transactions


Lawyers engaged in transactional practice do not often take part in litigation. Their main work involves research, drafting, negotiating and advising.

The Commercial Transactions stream focuses on transactions encountered in legal practice, from formation through to completion. 

Your lecturers will walk you through the steps of a transaction – including drafting and negotiation techniques – to ensure you are ready to advise and manage all legal components of a transaction.

I definitely recommend it if you want to cement where you are in practice at the moment and get a really practical grounding and a practical masters.

Nathanael Kitingan

Special Counsel, Macpherson Kelley, Melbourne Australia



COM1 Foundations of Commercial Transactions

COM2 Structuring and Financing Transactions

COM3 Buying and Selling a Business

COM4 Sale and Purchase of Private Companies

COM00 Capstone Project (Commercial Transactions)

Advisory Board

Chris Bland Principal, Legal Tradecraft Consulting

Simone Dixon Assistant Director, Professional Development

Ursula Hogben General Counsel, Legal Vision

Michael Lawson Partner, Minter Ellison

Matthew Payne Partner, TressCox Lawyer  

Teaching Staff

Andrew Boog Principal, Austen Brown Boog, NSW Accredited Specialist (Business Law)

Chris Bland Principal, Legal Tradecraft Consulting

Tony de Govrik Corporate Lawyer, A C de Govrik & Associates

Peter Grinter Special Counsel, Thomson Geer

Michael Lawson Partner, Minter Ellison

Richard Mitry Partner, Mitry Lawyers

Advisory Board

Chris Bland Principal, Legal Tradecraft Consulting

Advisory Board

Chris Bland Principal, Legal Tradecraft Consulting